To Change Your Life, Change Your Perspective

I was walking along the beach the other day doing what so many of us do—thinking about the things in my life that I want to fix—when I noticed a crooked Christmas tree someone had planted in the sand. The tree was leaning far to the left and had an uneven shape. I wasn’t inContinue reading “To Change Your Life, Change Your Perspective”


An image I posted on Insta got 749 likes.   I told the cat this as I cleaned her box. “749 likes,”   I said again. She jumped in, peed, got out, and moved to the next thing.   749 likes don’t change the fact that I clean a cat box.    

Nine: A Tribute to the Children I Would Have Raised

    One. Would have been my parents’ first grandchild. Two. Gabrielle. A girl.   Three. I didn’t tell anyone about him until he was gone. I thought it would be less painful for everyone. It wasn’t.   Four. She would have been born in May, my favorite month. Five. He’d be turning 22 now, doneContinue reading “Nine: A Tribute to the Children I Would Have Raised”


It is only when an oyster is invaded that its inner surface produces a natural protectant— strong, lustrous nacre.   As nacre builds, layer by layer, the oyster transforms into something bigger than itself, something that, only now can reveal its gift to the world.   Read You Are Not Broken        Continue reading “Gifts”

Rituals for Healing

It was, like an old friend at a high school reunion, unrecognizable at first.   Those I love had assured me that it existed.   And so, day after day, I trusted the rituals I knew would save me.   I walked the treads of my shoes smooth. Wrote in my journal, crying myself dry.Continue reading “Rituals for Healing”

Creating Your Future

  What if—like a spider— creating and re-creating were necessary for your survival?   Would you doubt your ability to weave an intricate, magnificent web?   Would you be too busy or say you don’t have the skills?   Or would you realize that, like the spider, everything you need to create your web comes fromContinue reading “Creating Your Future”

No Mud, No Lotus

The lotus doesn’t ask permission to shoot its stem out of the mud. It is simply time.   Time to loosen its grip, to pass through the water and emerge from the surface. Time to yield to its purpose.   And so, it softens. Unfurls. Stretches until it reaches its full expression.   Even then, asContinue reading “No Mud, No Lotus”