It is only when an oyster is invaded

that its inner surface

produces a natural protectant—

strong, lustrous nacre.


As nacre builds, layer by layer,

the oyster transforms into

something bigger than itself,

something that, only now

can reveal

its gift to the world.


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Without its time in

the cocoon,

the butterfly

would have stayed as it was—

a caterpillar.


It would not have


what no longer served it

and made use of the rest

to create a magical being.


Without its time in

the cocoon,

it would not have

transformed itself.

It would not have taken flight.


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Rituals for Healing


It was,

like an old friend at a high school reunion,

unrecognizable at first.


Those I love

had assured me

that it existed.


And so,




I trusted the rituals I knew

would save me.


I walked

the treads of my shoes smooth.

Wrote in my journal,

crying myself dry.

Surrounded the tub with candles

And soaked my deadened soul.


I trusted the process. Believed,

even when

I had no faith.


And then, joy made its way to me,

held my hand,

and asked me to dance.








Creating Your Future

Photo by michael podger on Unsplash


What if—like a spider—

creating and re-creating

were necessary

for your survival?


Would you doubt

your ability to weave

an intricate, magnificent web?


Would you be too busy

or say

you don’t have the skills?


Or would you realize that,

like the spider,

everything you need to create your web

comes from within you?


Time is of the essence.

So the spider decides what kind of web it needs,

produces silk threads and

gets to work.


It is only

when the web is complete

that the spider sits

and waits.


What kind of geometric wonder

would you create for yourself

if you could create anything?

If your survival depended on it?


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Endings are Beginnings


Pain is not the enemy.

You need not arm yourself

against it,

or hunker down hiding

in a cold trench.


What would happen

if you invited it in,

let it stay a while?


You might find that it

won’t riddle you with bullets

and leave you lifeless.


If you sit down with it, stare it in the eye,

befriend it,

it may reach out,

gently brush the hair from your face

and whisper into your ear.


Later, you will realize that it was

this moment, the one you feared

would be the end of you,


That was the beginning.

It was the moment

that divided your life


Into before and after,

the moment that

catapulted you into kindness.



‘Til Death Do Us Partnership

heart rock.jpg
Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

I promise to be

true to you

in good times and in bad,

in sickness and in health,



you are true to me

in good times and in bad,

in sickness and in health.



you love and honor me,

I will love and honor you

all the days of my life.