Creating Your Future

Photo by michael podger on Unsplash


What if—like a spider—

creating and re-creating

were necessary

for your survival?


Would you doubt

your ability to weave

an intricate, magnificent web?


Would you be too busy

or say

you don’t have the skills?


Or would you realize that,

like the spider,

everything you need to create your web

comes from within you?


Time is of the essence.

So the spider decides what kind of web it needs,

produces silk threads and

gets to work.


It is only

when the web is complete

that the spider sits

and waits.


What kind of geometric wonder

would you create for yourself

if you could create anything?

If your survival depended on it?


Read about how to start creating your future.



Sacred Journeys

Photo by Graham Covington on Unsplash

You do not have to be a sherpa.

You do not have

to carry someone else’s

backbreaking load.


You need only

fully do your part

and allow them

to fully do theirs.


Though we give each other a hand up

on steep terrain,

our individual journeys include legs of

solitude and silence.


Legs during which,

if we allow it,

we hear the whisperings

of ancient wisdom.



It is through these cycles of togetherness and solitude,

of giving and receiving,

that we will emerge, fully formed and able bodied,

at the end of our sacred journeys.











No Mud, No Lotus

Photo by Jay Castor on Unsplash

The lotus doesn’t

ask permission

to shoot its stem out of the mud.

It is simply time.


Time to loosen its grip,

to pass through the water

and emerge from the surface.

Time to yield to its purpose.


And so, it softens.



until it reaches its full expression.


Even then, as a beaming

chalice of light

and communion,

the lotus stays rooted in mud.


Because the mud,

the darkness,

is where its life began

and the wellspring of its luminosity.




Endings are Beginnings


Pain is not the enemy.

You need not arm yourself

against it,

or hunker down hiding

in a cold trench.


What would happen

if you invited it in,

let it stay a while?


You might find that it

won’t riddle you with bullets

and leave you lifeless.


If you sit down with it, stare it in the eye,

befriend it,

it may reach out,

gently brush the hair from your face

and whisper into your ear.


Later, you will realize that it was

this moment, the one you feared

would be the end of you,


That was the beginning.

It was the moment

that divided your life


Into before and after,

the moment that

catapulted you into kindness.





The good news is that it’s not dead–

That tiny seed within you of

the “you”

you were meant to become.


It was nearly choked out

by the invasive weeds of

your parents’ approval

and the promise of a steady paycheck.


But somehow,

it survived

while you became

what the world expected of you.


Because once,

the 6-year-old you

fortified it

with a dream of becoming a superhero.


The good news is that

despite your most valiant efforts to kill it,

it’s not dead.

It’s merely dormant.