How We Spread the Very Things We Hate

The words we use have a ripple effect. They can either spread peace, kindness and compassion, or they can give fuel to the very hatred we’re trying to stop. In short, we get more of what we focus on. So we can choose to put our words and energy toward the change we want orContinue reading “How We Spread the Very Things We Hate”

Make the Most of Your Energy

Like many people, I sometimes end the day feeling that I didn’t make good use of my time that day—that I got some necessary little stuff done, but that I didn’t chip away at the initiative that’s most important to me. Or that I did make progress on the big thing, but the quality ofContinue reading “Make the Most of Your Energy”

How to Start Moving Toward Someday

Imagine that you’ve been given one day each week — a full 24 hours — to do what you please. What would you do with it? Would you learn the skills you need in order to move into a satisfying career? Take up a hobby you’ve said you’d get around to “someday?” Spend more time with friends and family? […]


It is only when an oyster is invaded that its inner surface produces a natural protectant— strong, lustrous nacre.   As nacre builds, layer by layer, the oyster transforms into something bigger than itself, something that, only now can reveal its gift to the world.   Read You Are Not Broken        Continue reading “Gifts”

New Habits, New Life

Daily habits. They may be hard to form, but once they become routine, we hardly think about them. A case in point: brushing your teeth. Remember how hard it was to learn to put the toothpaste on the brush without getting paste all over the counter, to grip the toothbrush properly, to move the brushContinue reading “New Habits, New Life”

Do No Harm, Not Even To Yourself

My favorite people are those who consider the impact of their words and actions before speaking, writing, or taking action. They use their words to support and heal. They act in ways that reflect how deeply they care for others. And they use a light hand with those they love. It’s how they operate inContinue reading “Do No Harm, Not Even To Yourself”

What is Your Center?

In Rise of the Guardians, a 2012 film about a group of guardians that protect children, the Santa Claus character, named North, asks a soon-to-be guardian a question to help him determine what his purpose will be as a guardian. “What,” asks North, “is your center?” Each of the guardians has a center. It’s whatContinue reading “What is Your Center?”

Six Ways to Go Old School This Summer

For most of the year, we’re in a rush. We’re filling up our calendars. We’re accomplishing. We’re wearing ourselves out. Instant gratification takes too long. —Carrie Fisher But in the summer, we seem to do one important thing right: we slow down. It’s the time of year when we reconnect with ourselves and others. WeContinue reading “Six Ways to Go Old School This Summer”

Every Day, We Predict Our Future

The successful people I know have one thing in common. They focus their energy differently than those who remain in a rut. And while this sounds simple, it’s worth taking a look at how the ways they focus their energy predict their future: A successful person—whether in business, relationships or in any aspect of life—sees opportunitiesContinue reading “Every Day, We Predict Our Future”