Field of Dreams Card Tutorial

I’m obsessed with skies, I think from living in Colorado for 10 years. The skies there are magical. When I lived there, I told myself that I’d always remember to look up–I never wanted to take those beautiful skies for granted. Inspired by Colorado skies, I wanted to create a crazy romantic lavender sky forContinue reading “Field of Dreams Card Tutorial”

To Change Your Life, Change Your Perspective

I was walking along the beach the other day doing what so many of us do—thinking about the things in my life that I want to fix—when I noticed a crooked Christmas tree someone had planted in the sand. The tree was leaning far to the left and had an uneven shape. I wasn’t inContinue reading “To Change Your Life, Change Your Perspective”


An image I posted on Insta got 749 likes.   I told the cat this as I cleaned her box. “749 likes,”   I said again. She jumped in, peed, got out, and moved to the next thing.   749 likes don’t change the fact that I clean a cat box.    

If Not Now, When?

Our best selves don’t happen by accident. Most of us don’t just fall into our dream jobs or instantly have the lives we want. In fact, most people who succeed have been quietly working at it for a very long time. They’ve been making steady progress. The good news is that success is replicable. ByContinue reading “If Not Now, When?”


How would it feel if you gave yourself permission to reimagine what you view as true?   If you shoved the lead door of “I can’t” open just enough to get a glimpse of daylight, to peek at possibilities?   If you unchained yourself from having to be right, and from doing things the way they’ve   alwaysContinue reading “Unchained”

The Live in Peace Challenge

We often use the epitaph “rest in peace” when referring to those who have died. It’s a lovely thought, and one I think we should extend to the living. What if “live in peace” was what we all wanted for ourselves and for others? Live in Peace If “live in peace” guided our actions, whatContinue reading “The Live in Peace Challenge”

Is Chaos Eating You Alive? How to Create Peace In Your Life.

More and more, clients are coming to me saying that they’re overwhelmed by the negativity they feel around them, particularly in politics and in the media, but also in their homes and workplaces. They wonder how they can keep it from invading their lives. “You absolutely can,” I tell them, and then we explore how.Continue reading “Is Chaos Eating You Alive? How to Create Peace In Your Life.”

My No-Plan Approach to Overhauling my Health

I’m a horrible eater. I believe in dessert before dinner. I find it difficult to eat vegetables without making the face your 2-year-old makes when you give her broccoli for the first time. And I’m ever-so-slightly addicted to Diet Coke. My children complain so much about my Diet Coke habit that I no longer keepContinue reading “My No-Plan Approach to Overhauling my Health”