Do No Harm, Not Even To Yourself

My favorite people are those who consider the impact of their words and actions before speaking, writing, or taking action. They use their words to support and heal. They act in ways that reflect how deeply they care for others. And they use a light hand with those they love. It’s how they operate inContinue reading “Do No Harm, Not Even To Yourself”

Six Ways to Go Old School This Summer

For most of the year, we’re in a rush. We’re filling up our calendars. We’re accomplishing. We’re wearing ourselves out. Instant gratification takes too long. —Carrie Fisher But in the summer, we seem to do one important thing right: we slow down. It’s the time of year when we reconnect with ourselves and others. WeContinue reading “Six Ways to Go Old School This Summer”

Every Day, We Predict Our Future

The successful people I know have one thing in common. They focus their energy differently than those who remain in a rut. And while this sounds simple, it’s worth taking a look at how the ways they focus their energy predict their future: A successful person—whether in business, relationships or in any aspect of life—sees opportunitiesContinue reading “Every Day, We Predict Our Future”

Rituals for Healing

It was, like an old friend at a high school reunion, unrecognizable at first.   Those I love had assured me that it existed.   And so, day after day, I trusted the rituals I knew would save me.   I walked the treads of my shoes smooth. Wrote in my journal, crying myself dry.Continue reading “Rituals for Healing”

Creating Your Future

  What if—like a spider— creating and re-creating were necessary for your survival?   Would you doubt your ability to weave an intricate, magnificent web?   Would you be too busy or say you don’t have the skills?   Or would you realize that, like the spider, everything you need to create your web comes fromContinue reading “Creating Your Future”