My No-Plan Approach to Overhauling my Health

I’m a horrible eater. I believe in dessert before dinner. I find it difficult to eat vegetables without making the face your 2-year-old makes when you give her broccoli for the first time. And I’m ever-so-slightly addicted to Diet Coke. My children complain so much about my Diet Coke habit that I no longer keepContinue reading “My No-Plan Approach to Overhauling my Health”

Nine: A Tribute to the Children I Would Have Raised

    One.¬†Would have been my parents’ first grandchild. Two. Gabrielle. A girl.   Three. I didn’t tell anyone about him until he was gone. I thought it would be less painful for everyone. It wasn’t.   Four. She would have been born in May, my favorite month. Five. He’d be turning 22 now, doneContinue reading “Nine: A Tribute to the Children I Would Have Raised”