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I’ve been a card maker for 15 years. I make cards for my own use, as gifts, and for sale  (I’ll soon be launching a new online shop—stay tuned). I’m currently part of the Brutus Monroe Inspiration Team 2020.

In addition to a gallery of my cards, this page contains information about blog hops and other industry events as well as mentions of my work in the industry.

  • Blog hops and other card industry events in which I participate
  • Mentions of my work in the industry

Also, be sure to check out card tutorials as well as some of my artwork for commission.

Blog Hops

I recently participated in the #spreadjoynotgerms blog hop. It was a collaborative effort of 31 sponsors and 150+ designers to use homemade greeting cards to bring joy and comfort to others during the Covid-19 pandemic. See my card for the hop here.


Thank you to the following companies for recognizing my work.

Greeting Card Gallery

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