Greeting Card Blog

I’ve been a card maker for 20 years. I make cards for my own use, as gifts, and for sale. I’m currently part of the Rachel Vass Design Team and was part of the Brutus Monroe Inspiration Team in 2020.

Rachel Vass Designs Design Team
Brutus Monroe Inspiration Team 2020

In addition to a gallery of my cards, this page contains information about blog hops and other industry events as well as mentions of my work in the industry.

  • Blog hops and other card industry events in which I participate
  • Mentions of my work in the industry

Also, be sure to check out card tutorials as well as some of my artwork for commission.

Blog Hops

I recently participated in the #spreadjoynotgerms blog hop. It was a collaborative effort of 31 sponsors and 150+ designers to use homemade greeting cards to bring joy and comfort to others during the Covid-19 pandemic. See my card for the hop here.


Thank you to the following companies for recognizing my work.

Greeting Card Gallery

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