It is only when an oyster is invaded

that its inner surface

produces a natural protectant—

strong, lustrous nacre.


As nacre builds, layer by layer,

the oyster transforms into

something bigger than itself,

something that, only now

can reveal

its gift to the world.


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Sacred Journeys

Photo by Graham Covington on Unsplash

You do not have to be a sherpa.

You do not have

to carry someone else’s

backbreaking load.


You need only

fully do your part

and allow them

to fully do theirs.


Though we give each other a hand up

on steep terrain,

our individual journeys include legs of

solitude and silence.


Legs during which,

if we allow it,

we hear the whisperings

of ancient wisdom.



It is through these cycles of togetherness and solitude,

of giving and receiving,

that we will emerge, fully formed and able bodied,

at the end of our sacred journeys.