Circle of Koi

With a contrast of cool and warm tones and accents of bronze powder, this watercolor painting will bring great energy to any room. When placed under glass, this painting shimmers in a subtle but striking way. It’s a WOW piece for sure. Watercolor with bronze powder. 16”x20”. Comes unframed and in a white mat (pictured). Ships free to U.S.


Light as a Feather hung diagonally

Light as a Feather

Hummingbirds are symbols of lightness of being. During challenging times, stopping to ask yourself how to bring lightness to a situation can shift your experience. We can always choose how to act in a situation. Let these hummingbirds remind you to be light as a feather, especially at times when lightness is the most difficult. This two-in-one painting is comprised of two 8”x10s”—they were created to be hung as a set. Each comes in a white mat. Ships free to U.S.


You’re Spectacular

In spite of its magnificent cobalt and cinnamon-colored plumage, the kingfisher can often go unnoticed. But when it makes an appearance, it is unmistakable.

This kingfisher is a reminder that you’re spectacular. It’s an invitation to show up, to bring your magnificent gifts into the world—and to be unmistakable.

The original is no longer available. Framed prints and other products coming soon!

Sunday Morning

The original is no longer available. Framed prints and other products coming soon!

No Floaters

They say gazing into aquariums is good for your mental health. I say, yeah, until you find a floater. If you’re easily creeped out 🙋🏻‍♀️, I got you. I tucked lots of fish into this watercolor, but you’ll never find any of them floating on the surface. I painted this in shades of sparkling aqua, undersea green, and warm sunshine to help you shift into vacay mode wherever you are. So kick your feet up and see how many fish you can find. Painting is 12”x16” and comes unframed in a white mat. Ships free to U.S.


Tranquil Water Lilies

This piece will help you relax on even the most stressful of days. Put it on a wall near your bathtub for a spa-like feel or add it to your office decor as a reminder to stay balanced. Want to amp up the magic? Put your Tranquil Water Lilies painting in a room that has a dimmer switch. As you slowly dim the lights, the subtle shimmer in the painting glows for a sunset-kinda vibe. Killer romantic. Water lilies are purple/pink and yellow. The painting is inside a white beveled mat (as shown). Fits in an 11”x14” inch frame (not included). Ships to U.S.


A retro, romantic interpretation of The Southernmost House in Key West, FL

The original is no longer available, but you can grab framed reprints and other products.

Lucky Koi. Painted for The Jacob Sloan Foundation.

The original is no longer available, but you can purchase framed reprints and other products.

Paintings for a line of greeting cards for Life Perspectives

Life Perspectives commissioned me to design a line of sympathy cards for those who have experienced pregnancy losses—a unique loss not addressed by most sympathy cards on the market. These are the paintings that will be used to create the cards.

“Nature and art leave us better off. They remind us—sometimes subtly and sometimes with an Aha! moment— of who we are and why we’re here.”


About Me

I’m a watercolor artist, writer, and life coach who inspires others to reconnect with themselves, others, and the world.

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